Interim Management projects are born as a response to an economic situation that demands flexibility, experience, leadership and capacity to manage complex business situations.

It is a service provided by a highly qualified professional who joins the company’s management structure for a specific period of time, without the need to hire him/her as part of the staff. It allows to successfully face situations of transition, crisis or change in four main areas of action:

Business transformation

Organize the generational transfer in family businesses, ensure the continuity of businesses in difficulties, direct the reorganization of departments, manage structural transformations or ensure the success of mergers and acquisitions guaranteeing the correct integration of businesses.

Startup development

Management of areas not covered by entrepreneurs but essential to the success of the company: communication and marketing of products or services, process outsourcing, human resources management, logistics optimization, administration and financial management.

Temporary replacement of managers

To temporarily fill a vacancy in a managerial position while the department is reorganized and a replacement is found.

Specific interim management projects

Launching new products/services, opening new offices, implementing cost and personnel reduction policies, leading mergers or acquisitions or leading international expansion.

The professionals of the Talianz Network who are dedicated to it do it by vocation, they are high-level managers who bring commitment, objectivity, efficiency, effectiveness and an extraordinary strategic vision. Their fees do not reward the hours worked, but rather the rapid results obtained.

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What is the difference between a Consultant and an Interim Manager?

  • A Consultant only offers advice, tips, reports; an Interim Manager, in addition to advising, will execute the necessary actions to obtain the desired results.
  • When you hire a Consultant, you usually hire the services of a junior professional advised by a senior; when you hire one of our Interim Managers you have a senior professional working directly in your company.

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