Our collaboration packages:
Management as a Service

To resolve your business needs, we propose packages along with talented experienced professionals. These are always governed by business regulations.
We endeavour to find the best model that can be adapted to each case. The main Management-as-a-Service packages are as follows:

Fractional management

A part-time executive to carry out senior management tasks, functional management, act as a senior advisor or project manager.

Fractional management usually consists of services provided part-time over an undefined period. You define your needs and we help you to achieve the ideal solution.

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Interim management

Specialist management or middle management to undertake transition projects for a limited period: cover for a temporary absence, to manage a crisis, a project change, the international development of a business or a deep restructuring.

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Other Services

Tailor-made training and training workshops, quality training, organizing tailor-made workshops. Consulting projects for support, guidance or assistance; knowledge generation and management within your organization.

Reinforcement of outplacement programs to help your employees through their transition path and make it much easier for them. Management of the disengagement with the company and support in their leap to a new professional stage.

Do you need help to better tackle a project?

We can help you find the most suitable professional in the most simple and flexible way.

When to rely on a professional from the Talianz Network:

  • Company transitions.
  • International business development.
  • Special projects.
  • Professionalisation and development for start-ups.
  • Consultancy and senior advisors.
  • Development and management of talent.
  • Focussed training and training workshops.
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes.
  • Members of the Board and of management committees.
  • Management selection.
  • Design of governance and corporate development models.

Information, training and evaluation workshops

At Talianz, we run workshops that are specifically designed for each company or group. Our specialities are as wde as the experience and knowledge of our network of professionals. Write to us if you would like us to design a workshop or training schedule for your company. The first hour is always free of charge.
Contact us and get training tailored to your needs.

Its illogical, but the most innovative solution is also the least risky one.

The advantages of the Talianz model.
  • High return on investment: increase in productivity and improved results.
  • Conversion of fixed costs to variable costs. Without employment liabilities. Without having to expand the workforce.
  • The most innovative and efficient best practice for each business function and case.
  • Complete flexibility: we will adapt the content of the project to the specific circumstances for each case.
  • No error costs: substitute resources or cancel the service without penalties.
  • Expert professionals with verified practical experience and certifications.
  • Immediacy and proximity. Without learning curves: results right from the start.
  • Quality: our future rests on our current success. Our professionals are only given new assignments when they have received references from satisfied clients.
  • Commitments: high ethical standards, legal security and guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Full flexibility: we will adapt the content of the project to the specific circumstances of each case.
  • Robust Back-Office and administrative processes. Project follow-up to ensure adequacy of the response.
  • Getting down to business. Instead of taking on a purely consultative role, our executives have executive responsibility to manage a business, project or function.
  • Networking with high-level professionals. Focus groups to enrich the development of the project or business.

Talianz brochure

If you would like to know more, please download our one-page brochure

How we do it

  • 1

    Everything begins with an initial conversation.

  • 2

    We have a meeting with you and with the professional or team that best fits in with your objectives.

  • 3

    We describe the project requirements and the proposed solution in a collaboration proposal.

  • 4

    We commence work within the chosen package and with solid legal guarantees.

  • 5

    We periodically evaluate your satisfaction with the service and with the project milestones and, if necessary, we modify accordingly.