We answer below some of the frequently asked questions about the services offered by Talianz:

What is management as a service?

It is a new, fast and efficient way to hire talent. It consists of hiring the services of a professional expert in a particular field to carry out a specific project or for a specific amount of time, with no employment contracts, redundancy pay, fixed costs.

Within the management service, there are two main categories: Interim Management and Fractional Management. The names are not the important thing here, but the flexibility that enables one to put the required services in place for each specific need.

Why should I contract Talianz?

Because you will be able to rely on a strategic partner who can offer you effective solutions with immediacy, proximity and flexibility. We can place qualified and proven experts at your disposal, thereby eliminating any learning curves: you will obtain results and improve your productivity from day one without incurring any risks.

What advantages do the services from Talianz offer compared to conventional contracting?

You convert your fixed costs into variables, you gain flexibility to better adapt to a changing environment, you professionalise your business and, therefore, minimise your risks, you make the most of the talent that you need at the right time and in the required measure.

What steps do I need to take to contract the services at Talianz?

We describe this in detail in the following link.
Contact us by completing the following form, by email, telephone or through LinkedIn. From that moment, we will ensure that the remaining steps you need to take are as easy for you to complete as possible:

  1. We need to know your business situation and where you feel you need assistance.
  2. We offer you different options for collaboration so that you can choose the one that best fits in with your interests and objectives.
  3. We provide you with a bespoke budgeted proposal.
  4. You approve the professional or the team chosen for your project.
  5. We sign the collaboration proposal and the confidentiality agreement. If, in the end, you decide not to contract our services, you will not have any costs to pay.

How much money could I save?

We offer collaboration packages governed by business laws, so you won’t be responsible for the taxes and contributions associated with a conventional contract of employment. To start with, this means that there will be no social costs or related administrative costs to pay with the salaries, no redundancy costs, nor any of the problems associated with contractual employment.

But the savings don’t stop there:
Through the packages we propose, we can ensure the exact equivalence between the needs of the company and the precise amount of talent to meet these needs. In this way, we ensure optimum effectiveness in the use of our resources. Under normal and standard conditions, our clients guarantee that the Talianz packages save them between 24% to 32% of the equivalent cost of an employee within the workforce.

What if I am not satisfied with the professional once the project has started?

Although we place a lot of trust in the talent of our professionals, we have taken this into account, and that is why we offer our service WITHOUT error costs. You will have the option of substituting the resources, cancelling the service without penalties or cancelling the contract without any further explanation.

How do you ensure the quality of the work?

Quality always begins by carrying out a proper analysis of the specific needs of each client and choosing the professional that is best suited to these. In this way, we are proud to have a highly-qualified professional network of people who are experienced and committed to their work. Even so, we always carry out a continuous and personalised follow-up of all projects and professionals. The two-way communication with our clients is essential for us.

Lastly, we conduct regular twice-yearly satisfaction surveys and a survey at the end of each project. The results of these are permanently monitored by our quality department in order to correct any deviations and to improve the performance of each professional and of Talianz as an organisation.

How are you different from a temp agency?

A temp agency has direct contracts with those seeking employment, who are then provided to other companies through a staffing services contract. Although the direct costs associated with the employment contract (social security, compensation, etc.) are the responsibility of the temp agency, they are ultimately included in the fees that the user company will pay.

The collaboration packages proposed by Talianz are governed by business contracts and not employment contracts, which reduces costs and risks and improves the suitability and effectiveness of both the talent and requirements.

What guarantees does Talianz offer me?

We’re very ambitious when it comes to this; all our professionals go through a process of various screenings to ensure their effectiveness and appropriateness and they adhere to our code of ethics, which is available here; before taking on any assignment they also sign extremely protective contracts in terms of quality of work and confidentiality; we regularly conduct satisfaction surveys; but, above all, there are no penalties should a client wish to cancel an assignment in advance or to dispense with the professional that we have activated for that assignment. The latter two are guarantees that tend to provide our clients with a great deal of reassurance, although they have never taken place.

How do you ensure project confidentiality?

Before beginning any business relationship, a confidentiality agreement is signed by the three parties: the client, the professional(s) involved and Talianz. In doing so, we guarantee our client that the information held will be duly protected and we provide them with the necessary peace of mind so that the project can be developed successfully.

How do you select your professionals?

We would like to emphasise that Talianz has a network of regular collaborators who are endorsed by their references and their considerable previous experience. In order to be part of our team, they need to be approved by our HR Manager and, before they are given their first assignment they are evaluated through group meetings with other professionals, through their participation in workshops and with a start-up schedule which acts as a form of screening to validate soft and hard skills.

Can I meet the chosen professional before I decide?

Certainly. Before making a final decision you can meet with the professional(s) that we have selected for your project. You will have the final say.

How do the services offered by Talianz differ from a conventional consultancy?

If we had to summarise this in one word, it would be: in their execution. A consultancy offers advice, consultation, reports, etc., leaving the contracting company to translate that information into concrete decisions and actions. When our clients approach Talianz, what they are contracting is the services of a professional, an expert in their field who will be fully involved with the company’s workforce and who, apart from giving advice, will execute the actions required to obtain the desired results.

Normally, conventional consultancy services are too costly for many companies. At Talianz, we assure efficiency and preciseness in the delivery of services. You won’t have to allocate large budgets to access the services we offer.

What training does Talianz offer?

We offer training workshops, continuous learning and retraining covering a wide range of subjects. You can access our course prospectus by clicking on the following link: catalog of available courses. If you cannot find exactly what you require, ask us and we will provide you with information on our bespoke courses.
Additionally, we also offer outplacement programmes for groups of 10 or more professionals and we design these itineraries in close collaboration with the contracting company.

I’m self-employed. How can I collaborate with Talianz?

If you are interested in getting to know more about our project, please contact us through the following form. We will get in touch with you to arrange an interview to look at possible ways in which we can collaborate.

I have a company. Can I enter into an alliance with Talianz?

We would be delighted to listen to you, assess your proposal and offer potential routes for collaboration. Contact us through the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible to organise a meeting.