It is the ideal solution when a project requires very specific knowledge and the talent of experienced professionals that the company does not have.

The fractional management model is the answer to the transformation the workforce is undergoing.

More and more companies are looking to replace permanent employees with experts in different areas under more flexible collaboration formulas.

We provide professionals who understand your needs perfectly, who are committed to the project from the very beginning and who offer quick and effective solutions that ensure the peace of mind and support you require.

At Talianz we have an extensive network of collaborators, specialized in different areas, who pass a demanding validation process before working for any of our clients.

By clicking on the following link you can discover the main areas in which we could provide support to your organization and which are the sectors in which our services are most in demand.

What are the advantages of the fractional management model?

Flexibility and expertise
Knowledge needed at the right time and for the required duration.
Reduction of fixed costs
Minimization of fixed staff in the company.
Increased efficiency
Fast and risk-free solutions.

When should I consider Talianz's fractional management model?

There are many situations for which it is the ideal solution:
When the workload does not justify hiring a full-time professional.
When you want to bring expertise to a management committee or a Board of Directors.
To bring a strategic vision to a task, function or department
For senior advising and strengthening of strategic decision making
For the management of specific projects where vision and execution are required.

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