Talianz is a bespoke management service
for companies with potential.

We help you to make your vision a reality
by providing the talent you need in a measured and effective way.

Interim management services
and on-demand management.

Talianz is a bespoke management service
for companies with potential.

We help you to make your vision a reality
by providing the talent you need in a measured and effective way.

Interim management services
and on-demand management.

What does Talianz offer:

We offer the collaboration of experienced and qualified professionals for carrying out specific projects or for a set period of time.

No employment contracts.

No redundancy pay.

No fixed costs.

No risks.

No employment contracts. No redundancy pay. No fixed costs. No risks.

Are you tired of not being able to access the best talent at the best time?

Many companies restrict their ability for growth by not having access to quality professionals. Find out how Talianz can help you to resolve this.
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Clients who trust Talianz

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What they say about us

Testimonials about Talianz

Flexibility, commitment and results orientation. These are some of the advantages of flexible hiring.
Experienced talent is synonymous with profitability.

Antonio Gigirey
Antonio Gigirey
Interim DIRCOM

Talianz is as skilled as the professionals that make up its network.
We select and activate talent to give companies the solutions they need.

Miriam Moreno
Miriam Moreno
Head of Talent Selection

Since the landing with us Talianz offered us a personal and professional service, providing us at all times with information about the recruitment process, accompanying us at all stages of it… A safe bet.

Rosa Becerril
Rosa Becerril
CEO, Psiconnea

Talianz offers me opportunities for collaboration, support and help for the development of branding, creative strategy and strategic marketing projects.
Their formula is perfectly adapted to my profile and capabilities.

Jordán Azpeitia
Jordán Azpeitia
Interim CMO

We will work in a different way, with new models of activity and employment relationships.
The employment formulas that are coming will impact our professional career, how we find work, and how companies will value and reward us.

Tino Fernández Arias
Tino Fernández Arias
Editor-in-Chief of Unidad Editorial, Author of the book "The Future of Work".

Talianz’s collaboration model multiplies my project development capacity and my network of professional contacts in all sectors and areas.

Ángel Jiménez Lara
Ángel Jiménez Lara
Supply Chain Interim Consultant

We are optimizing the way companies access the executive talent they are looking for.
We offer professionals paid projects, amplify exposure to their target market, and provide quality networking through our distinctive talent activation programs.

Guillermo Soto Ugalde
Guillermo Soto
Chairman of the Advisory Board, Talianz

Talianz offers us the opportunity to have access to qualified talent, in the doses we need at Mimoto Parking. I am sure it will be a long-lasting partnership.

Alejandro Martín
Alejandro Martín
CEO, Mimoto Parking

Talianz brings talent where you think it is needed and also where you didn’t know you needed it.

Yolanda de Gea
Yolanda de Gea
Quality Assurance, Accurer

Our employees were so delighted with the knowledge and professionalism of the Talianz trainer that they wanted to continue the training at the hotel bar, they didn’t want it to end!

Paloma Lucas
Paloma Lucas
Dealer Buisness Management, Volvo Penta Europe

A luxury. It was a very practical training session, with involved participants and a dynamic and competent speaker.

Sales training workshop attendee

Talianz has helped us by providing the layer of professional talent that some of our projects required. We will repeat!

Enrique Somolinos
Enrique Somolinos
CEO, Delcom S.I.

Our clients demand flexibility and adaptation to their needs, and that is precisely the way we approach our collaborations.

Miguel Rull Cullen
Miguel Rull
CEO, Talianz

The event organized by Talianz was the perfect mix of training and entertainment. It was very engaging and extremely practical.

Juan Bertín Olivera
Juan Bertín Olivera
Sales Executive, SoftwareONE

The impression of the Talianz workshop was very positive.
I liked it very much and I would do it again.

Attendee to workshop on communication with audiences

The project we collaborated on with Talianz, in 2019, had excellent results and was a very powerful catalyst for the team’s motivation and ambition.
It brought us aspiration, method and discipline and the results were instant, and persistent.
Not only was it vital in mitigating the effects of the pandemic on our business, but it also served to cement it for the future.

Antonio Craveiro
CEO, Pinkplate

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